Pope rewrites Church law, clamps down on sexual abusers

Pope Francis today gave the most clearing correction to Catholic Church law in forty years, hardening guidelines for pastors who misuse minors and weak grown-ups, submit misrepresentation or appoint ladies.

The update, which has been in progress since 2009, includes all of segment six of the Church’s Code of Canon Law, a seven-book code of around 1,750 articles.

It is the most broad correction since the current code was endorsed by Pope John Paul in 1983.

The pope reminded diocesans that they were answerable for keeping the stated purpose of the law and that one point of the updates was to “lessen the quantity of cases wherein the burden of a punishment was left to the tact of specialists”.

The new area, including around 80 articles concerning wrongdoing and discipline, joins a few changes made to Church law since 1983 by the popes and presents new classes.

Monsignor Filippo Iannone, top of the Vatican office that regulated the venture, said there had been “an environment of unreasonable leeway in the translation of correctional law”, where kindness was at times put before equity.

Sexual maltreatment of minors was put under another segment named “Offenses Against Human Life, Dignity and Liberty”, rather than the already ambiguous “Wrongdoings Against Special Obligations”.

That segment was extended to incorporate new violations, for example, “preparing” minors or weak grown-ups for sexual maltreatment and having youngster porn.

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