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Kasautii Zindagii Kay serial

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 Drama Wiki

  • Produced by:
  • Ekta kapor
  • Anil nagpal
  • Directed by:
  • Mujammil desai
  • Country:
  • India
  • Language:
  • Hindi
  • Running time:
  • 22 minutes
  • Original network:
  • Star plus
  • Production:
  • Balaji telefilms

Trials of life or kasauti zindagi ki is a famous drama on star plus in hindi language. This is an indian drama. All the series produced by ekta kapoor in the production of balaji telefilms.

It was started on 25 september 2018. Kasauti zindagi ki was started with cezzane khan, shweta tiwari and also ronin roy and ronit roy, hiten tejwani and urvashi dholakia. But in season 2 prerna and anurag arrived.

Season one (1) was finalized and season two (2)on the love story of prerna and anurag, and many other characters like kamalika and bajaj are also important.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay Drama Serial Story:

Ekta kapoor’s balaji created telefilms on star plus. Kasautii Zindgii Kay is an indian television series. This show was started with cezzane khan and shweta tiwari but later this show was replaced by ronit roy, urvashi dholakia and hiten tejwani. This show kasuti zindgi ki showed the character of prerna and anurag. Which explored the story that they fell in love with each other and then separated and finally met after death.

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A heart-touching story for all the people. Prerna Sharma and Anurag Basu both are two different stories which fall in love and face many problems and pass through many troubles but are together. If we discuss from the start, that prerna and anurag were studying in the same university. But they do not talk to each other and have a distance between each other. But slowly they start talking and become close to each other, trust builds, friendship bound, understanding and have a feeling about each other. Prena first felt love for anurang. Komolika Chaubey, Meanwhileentered in the life of prena.

Wherever she goes, take the attention of other males. But aruna starts feelings about the prena. But komolika also starts interest and feelings about anurag.

On the other side anurag and prerna express their feelings to each other. And thought about marrying, but by seeing happy both of them komolika start to create misunderstanding between anurag and prerna. Komolika was very jealous about their relationship and started their interference . she went towards anurag and asked to save the house of prena then marry her. Unfortunately arunG agreed and to save house of prena but this was a very
disheartening moment for prena.

Prena was very disappointed by anurag demands. In this hurtness she meets with an accident by hitting the car and goes to the hospital where she is reported to be pregnant. Prena decides to expose Kamolika by entering into the basu house and arresting her. But after some time, komolika escapes from the jail and again interfere in the life of prena.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay drama

But Prerna and Anurag ignore her and close their relationship by getting engaged. A selfish, ruthless, cunning and arrogant businessman Rishabh Bajaj enters in the life of Anurag and prerna. He wanted to destroy the life of Anurag and blamed him in any case to get jail. After the jasil of anurag, he proposed prena for marry him and in result, he provided freedom to anurag.

She was hopeless, and nobody availed her to help him, at the end she agreed to marry Rishabh Bajaj. On the other side anurag was heartbroken and hopeless and was shocked by the decision of prena. His life at the point where he never understands what’s happening with him, and why?. because Prena still loves him so she was ready to marry with bajaj.

This time was hopeless for Anurag, But Anurag and Prerna attract each other in this critical situation & at the end they unite, by seeing this true love bajaj steps back. On the other hand she wants to marry anurag soon as possible because she reveals her pregnancy to anurag. Kamolika comes back in the life of anurag and prerna, and causes an anurag accident.

1(One) month later:

Memory of anurag was lost, he doesn’t understand about prerna and his family. In this time kamolika misuses the memory last of anurag and tells him a fake story about their love with each other and against him about prena. And believed that they were married.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2

Prena silently works and decides to expose komolika in front of all the family, especially anurag. When she heard that prena was to expose her, she many times tried to kill prena and her baby, but she failed.
After some time, Anurag regains his memory automatically and prena gives birth to a daughter Sneha. After the regains of memory and sneha birth they decide to marry. But again Kamalika starts to hate Prerna and plans again to kill her. Before killing her, kamalika again went towards anurag and talked about prerna and purpose for him to marry, now anurag was in an aggressive mood and pushed her into the river from the bridge. But she was saved by businessman bajaj.

Now bajaj and kamalika two in one thought and planned to degrade them in every field of life they show in Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2.

8 (Eight) years later:

In london, prena was a successful businesswoman and in kolkata anurag’s business thrived. After the separation, anurag always hates komolika but prena has maintained a professional relationship with bajaj. Komolika lives in bashu house.and anurag lives in guilt. And prerna in london. The prena cause of leaving kalkut was due to starting of misbehaviour of anurag.

Anupam and nivedita, due to misunderstanding have separated from each other. Kaushik and kukki continuously biking and disliking each other.

Starting and ending:

Actual story started from the university, where prena sharma and anurag basu met. Both fall in love and bear many troubles in their life, many people intercept and create several trials in
their life. They never converse to each other in the university, but silently they fall in love and have feelings but never show in front. But after sometime, they become friends and build trust, understanding and care in their friendship. In the first prena start feeling for anurag.

Entry of komolika in the life of anurag and prerna, starting misunderstanding in their life and wanting to separate them. She was a typical girl and always attracted boys where she goes, because her dressing, makeup and way of talking attract all the boys. On the other hand Anurag doesn’t like her and always realizes his love, his care and trust for prena. But anurang also doest show his love for prena and the same situation with the prena.

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When Kamalika starts misunderstanding between prerna and anurag then suddenly confesses their feelings to each other, both were v.happy by confessing their feelings. Trust, care and understanding was already present in their friendship now they built a new and lovely relationship and want to marry.

But Kamolika has interest in anurag so she can’t bear to see him, his feelings for prena. She started to hate for prena, on otherside prena was a mature girl, she ignored her and moved on. Kamolika has a friendship with anurag and after sometime she starts misunderstanding for prena and says to anurag to save prena house then marry. Ediet Anurag was ready to do this. When he says all these demands to Prena, she is shocked and doesn’t believe Anurag, what he said to her. But it was reality in front of prena.

In these trials she was hit by a car and taken to city hospital, after the checkup she was revealed to be pregnant for some months. She again shocked and decided to marry in any criticism with anurag. Because this was Anurag’s baby. Kamolika never misses any chance to heart her, when prena returns to basu house after her treatment, where kamalika is already present to expose her pregnancy. Due to some crimes kamalika was arrested and that time was amazing for prena because her life was disturbed due to her.

Prena and Anurag decide to marry and are first engaged. Both were very happy but again another person comes in their life to rebuse both of them. He was a businessman named Rishabh bajaj. He gets anurag to jail, because he loves prena and hates anurag. Bajlaj showed his love for prerna and asked to marry her in reward of anuraga freedom. He was a selfish, arrogant, cunning and ruthless businessman, he always thought about himself that’s why he asks to prema anuraga freedom and wants to marry

Prena tried each and every reference for the freedom of anurags, but she failed. Hopeless and disheartened prena agreed to marry bajaj just for the freedom of anurag. When anurag back to home and hears the news of prena marry with bajaj, he was shocked and run towards prena for Conformation. When he reached the prena house and cleared that she was married to bajaj, he cried and went back home because it was a bad and destroyable moment for hrm. His love moved to another person he lost his love and can’t believe what is happening with him.

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Anurag was broken by the decision of prena, at that time kamalika came again in the life of anurag. She tried to convince Anurag to marry her, and also created misunderstanding for prena. Anurag ignored her and still loved her, when kamolika saw that anurag ignored her and still love with prena, she planned to kill prena and her baby but she failed several times in her plan.

Anurag is doubtful about komolika, and follows her when he cleared about the bad plan of prena deaths. He is aware of each and every point to protect herself. On other side kuki stops bajaj for his selfishness, he tells him that all family are disheartened by his decisions and also prena still loves anurag then how she marries him? Bajlaj understands all the situation and gets back to this relationship. Prena and Anurag were very happy and united and got engaged and ready to marry. But kamalika gets jealous and again plans to kill prena and her baby. Now anurag protects prerna and his baby and thorough kamalika into the bridge. Unfortunately she lived and met with bajaj.

Anurag and Prerna get married and live a happy life. After a few months pregnant with a daughter, Saneha, all the family was happy. Due to cron virus(COVID-19) All Episodes of this serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki season 2 in broadcast. Because this virus spread and outbreak in india and all over the world, that’s the reason to close the shooting of all dramas and films. When this virus is under control then production of this season 2 starts the shooting again for the fans. So all fans now wait for this. No idea how much you people wait.


Premier and development.

Trials of life( kasautii zindgi kay) was started in 2001, this was the 1st season of kasauti zindagi kay on Star Plus. Season 1st also the production of balaji telefilms and produced by amazing producer ekta kapoor for star plus.

In february 2018, all the production and producer ekta kapoor created another story , another season 2 of the same serial kasauti zindagi kay. After 17 years later another amazing story was ready for the fans in 2018. For this purpose a meeting was held between the star plus team and ekta kapoor.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay 2 FILMING:

The sets of kasauti zindagi kay’’ were held in the studio of Killick nixon and filmed in mumbai. But in Kolkata some scenes are also shot there. West bengal was the main storyline. Promo of the 2nd season was shot in mumbai by shah rukh khan and introduced prerna and anurag.


The Premiere of kasauti zindagi ki’’ was also postponed from 10 september 2018 to 25 september 2018.

This season is continuing till now. But due to (coronavirus) COVID-19 outbreak in India and also all over the world. Shooting, markets and all the place morals each and everything will be closed. And in broadcast all remaining episodes of this season 2of kasauti zindagi kay.

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