Govt to allow regular international flights to four destinations

The public authority has chosen to permit four customary worldwide trips to four objections — India, China, Qatar and Turkey.

Presently there will be seven customary flights each week to these four nations. The choice to permit normal worldwide trips to these objections was taken by the Council of Ministers. Before this, two week after week flights were being led according to the air bubble understanding among Nepal and India.

As per the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, Turkish Airlines has effectively gotten authorization to direct a trip on Thursday.

In the mean time, a Chinese aircraft organization and Himalaya Airlines have gotten authorization to direct one ordinary flight seven days to China. Likewise, Qatar Airways and Nepal Airlines Corporation have gotten consent to work one week after week trip to Doha of Qatar.

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Departures from Nepal to China, Qatar, Turkey uncertainThe Covid antibodies that were given by the Chinese government have shown up in Kathmandu.

An airplane of Nepal Airlines Corporation has carried 800,000 portions of the antibody to Tribhuvan International Airport this evening. The airplane had traveled to Beijing on Monday to move the immunizations to Nepal.

During a phone discussion with President Bidhya Devi Bhandari on May 26, Chinese President Xi Jinping had vowed to give 1,000,000 portions of the COVID-19 antibodies under award help.

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