18 years’ jail, whipping for man who raped seven-year-old niece

Judge Mujib Saroji requested the man to carry out the prison punishment from May 15, the day of his capture.

He was accused of assaulting the young lady in the back room of a house in Simpang Renggam at 3.30pm on May 14.

The man confessed to the charge. In moderation, the denounced, who was unrepresented, apologized for his activity.

In a similar court, an owner of a vehicle spare-part shop, Tan Chuang Loong, 32, was accused of killing K Ramachandran at a manufacturing plant along Jalan Perindustrian Gemilang, Taman Perindustrian Gemilang, here somewhere in the range of 2.50am and 4am last May 15.

No supplication was recorded from Tan, addressed by Abraham Mathew, as the case is under the purview of the High Court.

The court set June 17 for notice.

Buy in to our bulletin and get news deliv Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman gave his assertion to the police for one-and-a-half hours today over his tweet including terminated Prasarana director Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

The previous youth and sports serve expressed gratitude toward the police for treating him well and said he was brought in to aid examinations over his posting that addressed Tajuddin for wearing a face safeguard without a cover.

“Senior clergyman for security Ismail Sabri Yaakob recently said it wasn’t sufficient to simply wear a face safeguard, one ought to likewise wear a face cover,” he told journalists outside the Dang Wangi police headquarters in the wake of giving his assertion.

It was the second time that the MUDA organizer had been called to give his assertion in the previous week. He purportedly had his telephone seized the last time he was called up.

This time, in any case, he was grateful that his telephone was not removed, despite the fact that he didn’t know when his old telephone would be gotten back to him.

In a Twitter post on Tuesday, he had brought up that wearing a face safeguard without a face cover was an infringement of SOPs and addressed whether Tajuddin would be rebuffed for penetrating Covid-19 standards.

He had included screen captures of two news reports, one with a photo of Tajuddin and one with Ismail expressing that wearing a face safeguard without a face cover was a culpable offense.

“We will see whether the public authority will rebuff the (previous) Prasarana director. I think we as a whole expertise this will end,” he said.

Five days prior, Syed Saddiq was called to give his assertion at a similar police headquarters over a 45-second video he had made on April 28 after the passing of cow’s milk merchant A Ganapathy while in police authority.

Buy in to our bulletin and get ne

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